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  • Various Host Types

Applied Biomics offers high-quality HCP antibodies to ensure the maximum coverage of your Host Cell Protein. Our antibodies have been carefully designed, rigorously tested & optimized to provide high sensitivity and consistency for various host species. Currently, we offer CHO, E. coli, and HEK293 HCP antibodies from either Serum or IgG source:

Validated with cutting-edge proteomics platforms

Our company:

Applied Biomics, Inc. has 30+ years of experience as a leading provider of proteomics services. We have optimized a highly accurate and sensitive 2D DIGE Western Blot platform matched by no other company. Our HCP antibody coverage services have been used by many pharmaceutical and biotech companies to evaluate the efficacy of HCP antibodies. Now we proudly offer our own HCP antibodies as a tool for HCP detection and analysis.

Why us?

  • High HCP coverage: Each product has passed rigorous 2D Western Blot tests to ensure overall HCP coverage >95% and each quadrant coverage >90%
  • Wide Reactivity: Each antibody reacts well with different strains from the host species, and covers both high & low MW proteins.
  • Competitive pricing: Same quantity at a lower price
  • Quality guaranteed: We repeatedly test our products to ensure consistency in performance matching the highest standard
  • HCP antibody coverage service: Compare with your in-house or other commercial HCP antibody using our 2D fluorescent Western Blot.
  • Excellent support: Backed by over 20 years of experience in antibody development and validation, our scientists will address your questions / concerns within 48 hours.