What are HCPs?

Host cell proteins (HCPs) are impurities introduced by the host organism during the manufacturing of medicinal products by recombinant technology. Although the final product is extensively processed to achieve a high purity, trace amounts of HCPs may still exist. Because residual HCPs may reduce the potency of the drug and cause adverse side effects, it is highly important to quantify, profile and identify these HCPs. A highly sensitive and comprehensive HCP analysis helps to optimize the purification process to remove HCPs and increase product purity.

Different immuno-assays with HCP antibodies are commonly used to detect and quantify HCPs during the product purification process. High-quality HCP antibodies are crucial components in developing these assays.  Applied Biomics’ HCP antibodies can detect ~3000 low & high molecular weight HCPs with an overall coverage of 95-99%. Currently, we offer CHO, E. coli, and HEK293 HCP antibodies.

Following are several common HCP immuno-assays using anti-HCP antibodies:

HCP Assay Main Features HCP Separation HCP Profile HCP PTMs HCP Degradation HCP/WB
on 1 Gel
ELISA Detects and measures some HCPs at a low cost Image Image Image Image
1D WB Separates HCPs by Mw. Detect and semi-quantify HCP coverage Mw Image Image Image Image
2D WB Separates HCPs by Mw and pI. Detect and quantify HCP coverage. HCP and WB on 2 separate gels, causing variation and low accuracy. Mw, pI Image Image Image Image
2D‏‏‎ DIGE WB Separates HCPs by Mw and pI. Detect and quantify HCP coverage. HCP and WB on 1 gel. High accuracy and sensitivity with CyDye labeling Mw, pI Image Image Image Image

Our HCP antibodies are perfect for use in 1D/2D Western Blot, ELISA & Immunoprecipitation (IP). They have been rigorously tested with high-sensitivity 2D DIGE Western Blot to ensure the maximum HCP coverage in various host cell strains. For instance, our Anti-HEK HCP antibody not only reacts with HEK293, but also CAP, Hela, A549, and PER.C6. Our Anti-CHO HCP antibody reacts with CHO-S, CHO-K1, CHO-DG44, and CHO-GS.

As a leading provider of proteomics services for over 30 years, we also offer HCP analysis services by 2D DIGE, 2D DIGE Western Blot, and LC-MS/MS. Our HCP antibody coverage services have been widely used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies to evaluate HCP antibodies.

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